Google Voice Allow Porting Your Existing Mobile Number

If you are using a working phone number, after you get a new number, otherwise, you want to turn around the old number, How-To Geek helps you with few steps: Now you can port the existing phone number to Google Voice add old and new number.

The feature suggests you if you switch into any cell provider and receive a new number or you travel around the country and you want to set old and new number as well. Anything in this matter, you can easily port the old number to Google Voice and allow both at the time. Any calls that touch into old number it will be diverted into the new number. You can also set text message to Google Voice forward to your new number. Once you reply, the feature number it gets from Google Voice number.

One important thing that, you can port the old number into Google Voice, the charges will be $20 and also the old number will activate. Remember, before you are changing into new number, you should port the old number.

To get into the www.google.com/voice and you need to accept the terms. From there you need follow a few of the steps. How-To Geek will offer you those step-by-step process.

If you are existing user, Settings–>Phones tab–> Change/Port–> ”I want to use my mobile number”–> under Check number eligibility–> next to Check for available options–> Port your number–>Click Next: Phone Verification–> Verify your phone–> Call me now. That’s it.

After that, it will take into payment mode $20, and you complete the process, you are done. To know details of Google Voice feature go ahead to How-To Geek site.

Via: How-To Geek

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