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How To Access App Shortcuts In Android 7.1

Google introduces app shortcuts in Pixel phone and Android 7.1, it’s a simple and accessible feature available in Android 7.1 and this option gone live in Pixel phones and none Pixel Android phone. To enter particular app settings this feature takes faster from your home screen icon. Basically, if you want to get any program you need to find the app to perform the rest. But here the app shortcuts straightaway it jumps into the right app screen. Here you can get the points to work with app shortcuts.

Moreover, the developer can get support app shortcuts. If your Android phone gets Android 7.1 beta version, you can find out the app shortcuts from Google Maps and YouTube.

How To Add App Shortcuts in Home screen:

* To include the app shortcuts in the Home screen

* Tap and hold the app, and leave on the home screen

* Tap and hold the shortcut

* Slide app shortcut anywhere that you want it.

How To Move shortcuts on the Home screen:

* Touch and hold the shortcut and check the picture of your home screen

* Slide the shortcut where you want to place

* Remove the finger from the touch screen

Note: The iOS 3D touch completely different against Android app shortcuts, because the feature 3D touch in iPhone doesn’t hold all iPhone devices, but Android app shortcut brings you support low and high end mobile devices, the variety of mobile phone it comes between the touch screen, some of the low level feature phone doesn’t give you full expectation and high featured phone you will get enough experience from Android 7.1.

That’s all.

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