Stop Tracking Your iPhone, Turn Off into Hidden Option

Everyone wants to be private, when you use the phone. If you are using iPhone most of the things that spot and many one knows the feature. Here, the hidden feature was founded in iOS device. It may collect a huge number of information and wherever you go the phone finds you what a good thing that users has to find, that Apple Maps records your every locations and you currently visit nearest stores all it will be collected.

If you come from iOS 7 then the hidden feature must have used on your iPhone, it comes as a default without permission seeking the device enabled. The iOS named Frequent Locations. This will keep track your every performance. And one more notable from the Apple.Inc all the information will be collected and stored on their iPhone not on their server. It’s a part of user experience time to time.

To get into the Frequent Locations to visible the device or want to turn off this function in many ways disturbing you below step help you a lot.

* Load the Setting app

* Go ahead to Privacy–> Location Services

* Scroll down and find System Services and open

* Frequent Locations

Once you turned on the Frequent Locations will track your all information and stored.

If you want to Turn Off your information to put hidden the same you have visit and turn off from Frequent Locations and it stops reading your information immediately.

That’s it.

Via: iPhone hacks

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