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Telegram Introduce Bot-Powered Game Platform Inside Chat Message Apps

One year back that Telegram released Bot Platform for third-party developer creation for his Chat app. This feature completely free and works on both users and app developers. And now the chat messaging app launched bot-powered HTML game platform. This one runs through inside the messaging chat box.

With a newly updated game feature that can challenge you friends and colleagues with end-to-end encryption to allow users to play games inside the chat messaging area. At the moment, the new service allows more than 30 games that anyone can play whoever have a Telegram account, but the same time there was more to come under construction within months.

To start the game first you need communicate with bot straightaway, or enter @gamebot as inline text in the group and choose which game you want to play with friends and family members.

Apparently, you can play the game with single-handed, but at the same time if you find some interesting thing on this game you can share yours with your chat friends. The company Telegram explained about when you play the game it saves your highest scores for your every game when you played inside the chat, so you can verify how you did perform the game between you and friends. And also the Telegram notify you if there are any changes on to the chat game that will allow you to follow.

The app technology empowering the game with HTML5, so the game easily loaded same like web pages. If anyone wants to build their game for Telegram with the new gaming platform, it comes within hour and simple for developing using API mode provided by Telegram.

This new update program comes both on Android and iOS devices, when you look the game it looks like a tiny, they don’t come the normal size of game app.

That’s it.

Source: Telegram

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