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An Easy Way Get A Plus Codes to Pinpoint Places on Google Map

Now, it’s possible that you can find the location or places in Google Maps through the link. If you wanted to help someone to find the address or business place, the easiest way you can drop the pinpoint and do share on it. Google Maps gives another option to share the locations, and uses Plus Codes. It’s an easy way you can get a plus code to share the location through drop a pin on the Maps. While the codes are available only on mobile like Android and iOS apps and you can’t find on the web app.

To get the plus code, your Google Maps app must be a latest version to achieve the plus code. First, open the Google Maps and navigate to the places in Maps and tap and hold on the location to pinpoint. The pin added, a detailed panel will display on the app bottom page. Tap and expand the details.

When you find the plus code it should be alphanumeric code that display next to location and the code works for street address and locations to expend at the final stage.

You can tap and hold on the code to copy into your clipboard. Now, you can share anywhere, to friends or colleague. To check the location all you have to do enter the plus code in the search bar of Google Maps and it will jump directly to your location.

This plus code helps whoever staying average level to find faster the exact location, this one enough to find out and you can make faster to manage with GPS system. You can give a last four digit codes it enough to search the correct location comparing to lengthy code.

That’s it.

Via: Addictivetips

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