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Bear for iPhone and Mac Writing App Using To-Dos to Stay With Organize for All You   Think

An unquestionable that there is no shortage of apps on the web, but Bear app can manage the in-line content adding a multiple styles, and it may go with many useful features what the plain text offering you, but it does as much as you want it. What other app they are given more room. This makes you a little bit space.

From the app features outlook, that Bear looks like an Apple product. If you organize lengthy notes inside the Bear, it uses hashtags, and also it will pin the notes and stay on the top list, and also it will bring in-line pictures. Bear also fit with coders which gets improvement for language editor that help a number of program developers. A total of feature, Bear brings a basic level of markdown to meet format text, and also support automatically to format the links and more. There is deeper feature the app links to the notes bundled.

A Bear has a focus mode that makes you hide all craft note and just gives you a plain text editor to write the content, and these can make export in various file format like PDF, HTML, and Doc once you have done all the procedure. This app comes free for Mac and iOS, but you want to start sync between two devices, you have to pay $14.99 per year for a subscription. If you want to test, then wait after finishing the free version. What kind of good things that you will get into the matter.

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Source: Bear for iPhone and Mac    Via: Lifehacker

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