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How To Capture Webpage Screenshot in Google Chrome Without Using Extension

Indefinitely many you can capture screenshots of any web pages from your Google Chrome browser. Even there so many options you can use, especially for Windows and Mac which gives countless shortcut keys. A few we can remind Print Screen keys it’s common and Cmd+Shift+4 on your Mac. If you want to go one step advance you can use Snagit or use Windows tool, or use unlimited Google Chrome extension that provides you a screenshot and annotation functionality.

What kind of good feature that so many doesn’t know, the newly updated Google Chrome has a built-in functionality which allows user to take screenshots without using any extension? The site Labnol pointing out that adding device new frames to get captured the images for real mobile screenshots.

Take Screen Capture in Google Chrome:

* Open the Web page through Google Chrome

* Settings

* Tools

* Developer Tools

Either you can choose press F2 key from Windows or use Cmd+Opt+I on your Mac that open straightaway Chrome Dev Tools as a Window. After enabling Device Toolbar and select the mobile device from the list and set 100% to take action for zoom and Rotate the icon for orientation. Once you have done, find three dot vertical line menu on the top right and enable the device frame–>Capture Screenshot and save the device screenshot into PNG file format.

Same like this, but the settings completely different in Firefox that you can take a screenshot the entire web pages without installing add-ons. To know clearly visit below the link to take part of you.

That’s it.

Via: Labnol

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