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How To Find the Location Of Default Desktop Pictures in Mac OS X

No other operating system can’t do this kind of curating to make beautiful desktop pictures, Mac is the only result of the beautiful creation of desktop pictures. Joining the iOS mobile apps, it’s not a big deal when you use the Mac you are interesting to know about the default desktop pictures that will be stored many in Mac.

For your information, the default desktop pictures are pretty clear the packed with huge picture on both macOS and Mac OS X and this will be listed all the users through from the desktop settings.

How to find the hidden default desktop pictures in Mac OS:

* Go with Finder and open a new Window inside the file system

* Command+Shift+G that open you Go To Finder to be following the below path:

/Library/Desktop Pictures

* Click Return and directly it will take to the Desktop Pictures directory, from there you can find default wallpapers you can find Mac OS X are well saved.

* Browse the desktop picture folder, as usually you browse other directory file system, you don’t have to delete anything because others can’t access the wallpaper pictures.

Any reason that you want to add new wallpapers to the directory the desktop pictures become changeable from the Mac. Even you can bring the picture into edit section to resize or cropping to them. It can fit both desktop and mobile screen. If you want to set through Safari you might not go through on the particular location. You just follow above steps only.

That’s it.

Via: OS X Daily

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