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How to Stop YouTube AutoPlay Videos from Mac or Any Other Devices

While watching YouTube videos, you should perceive the videos play non-stop as default that loads playlist. If the video plays automatically with a new variety of videos that comes through playlists, once the first video will completed. Some of YouTube watcher they love to auto-play the video, but some of them they don’t deserve on it.

Whether you want to turn off auto play on your YouTube, or turn on into auto play the same position with YouTube, this how it happen on desktop or web browser.

auHow to Stop YouTube AutoPlay Videos from Mac or Any Other Devices

1. Open the YouTube in the web browser as you normally visit.

2. Once you started the YouTube video is playing, you can find on the right-hand side the same Autoplay switch was integrated move the cursor to make turn off or on to stop the autoplay videos.

3. Another step you can find gear icon, when the YouTube video playing, the toggle ”Autoplay” to make switch off.

Once you have made the process, it works entire video not for one single YouTube video. Even you can try through log in the YouTube account.

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