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WhatsApp Integrates Two-Step Verification and Your Audio Message Will Play in Your Phone Background

You have been using a two-step verification code in Telegram messenger, but WhatsApp messenger it took much time to release the feature of two-step verification and now the option making through a live beta version.

Note: WhatsApp released his two-step authentication feature in beta version, if you have the current version that you can’t find so you have to step into beta version. Once you have achieved the WhatsApp beta version, you can start to tap the available two-step authentication screen from there you can find the details about the feature and tap into ”Enable” it.

Next, to activate you will be asked 6 digit passcode that you try to register your phone number on your WhatsApp, and make sure to conform it. Along with, you need to enter your registered email ID that will help you to reset your passcode, In the future you forget it.

Once you have done, the two-step verification will be activated in your WhatsApp account with your phone number. After this no once can intrude your account with the passcode and an email ID with the same phone number to make reset in future.

Finally, one more welcome pack from WhatsApp, you can play your voice message

Source: WhatsApp 

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