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With Google Now, you can expect a powerful assistant features from your Android mobile phone. Any request you can bring hot news, weather report, and sports updates and also you can make hands-free voice command. As you can find more applications and other services, Google Now is now getting much better in pervious day.

It has an option in Google Now, that connects to Google Maps. This can bring you daily updates and also the feature become very smart whenever you drive on the particular days. It can remind you the particular location, day and time. This feature you can get on your Google Maps.

If you want to stop particular place or changed location and you want to remove those suggestion the app from Google Now.

Here is the little step that you want to follow:

Before you start this feature, your Google Maps to be up-to-date from your Android, then you can open with it.

* Tap on the left sidebar and Your Place

* Move into Labeled

* Home

* Work Place

Finally, you can delete the locations wherever you have been moved in locations, that you can bring to delete on it.

Next Google Maps, If you scroll over to the Save section, where you can find starred. Google Maps will suggest your travel times for the particular place, if you are seeing all the time, all you have to do tap the three dot to Remove star. In future, you don’t want to get the drive time all the way, open Google app, and tap to see left sidebar, and check settings–>Your Feed–> Disconnect Commute and time to leave.

That’s it.

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