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Anything you want to share or send, messaging apps are the popular one at the moment. There is no age different to use this message app anyone can use this application which it comes very conveniently on your hand if you are using a smartphone device. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone device, so they are prepared very well how to use the messaging application. We came to you to know every app they become very popular particular content, in that way we going to see about WhatsApp, this app has one billion users, but using this app you get frustrated for some reason, then you can choose a variety of apps which brings similar to this. Here are the list of apps the best WhatsApp alternative apps for Android.


While using Skype is a dependable app that allows you to make you a high quality call through the support of contacts from anywhere in the world. Actually, this app has been merged with popular hotmail and MSN that make you connect your contact through email. It gives you a nice experience, and you can make calls, text messages with a registered user name. The app doesn’t use your mobile number. This app only connects through on your email based on passwords. Of course, this one a better replacement for WhatsApp.


Viber app will deserve and it similar to WhatsApp, which you have to register through mobile numbers to make identity as a user. Once you have download and install on your device, it will send you a verification code through text message and once you have the app start connect with your entire contact from your mobile. Though this app, you will be connected with contact automatically. Viber will get support through out on mobile and computer PC as well. You can allow for instant messages, calls, and share file, what you will get from WhatsApp you will get to this Viber app. This app brings free support for your Android phone.


The Telegram is a favorable Android application and it’s a world of service. And one more thing the app which is connected with cloud-based that provide on both mobile and web services. It gives every user for free and you can connect users with secure chatting and it will accept only the recipient. The app uses a very simple structure to chat message.


WeChat is a china based development, this app used widely all over the world. After acquisition WhatsApp by Facebook, WeChat app is an alternative app that has been rumored. The app now serving more than 600 million of users around the world. To connect WeChat user need to use register mobile number same like WhatsApp, Viber. Using with WeChat, you can connect Facebook account or email ID, that will allow you to find the people to chat with them, share picture, and also it has video call.

KakaoTalk Messenger:

KakaoTalk is a good to go, same like WhatsApp these both give text messaging service and that connect single or group people, you can exchange pictures, audio, calls through internet. When you register with mobile, the app sends a 4 digit code to get confirmation, once your mobile gets confirmation, you can serve the message your loveable friends.


Google’s Hangouts, it’s a new application for messaging world. And the app connects through a Google account to serve any location. This app compatible with Android and iOS, and it works on Google+ and Gmail account on the web. It can answer through message, voice and video calls as well. It has some additional feature which are they group chat, emojis and stickers.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook’s Messenger is an Android and iOS app, this can be a alternative for WhatsApp. You can start with this app to chat single or group of people that allow you.


LINE, It’s a great app for alternative of WhatsApp. This app works most of the country. You can try the app with flexible on your smartphone. To chat with LINE, you need to use register mobile number what other apps like WhatsApp brings to. Though this app, you can send message, picture, audio file, and videos. This app work through internet from your phone. It’s free to mobile and computer PC.

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