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It’s all about personal, when you share about anything on the web, but sometimes it may put more risk on to you. Amazon stores your voice command through Echo. Here you can learn to delete completely the data from their servers.

Amazon Echo is a habit to record your voice and make you more experience through products, if you are ready to delete the command. Here you can follow the steps.

Screenshot Credit: Amazon

If you are an Amazon account holder, then you can delete individual or wipe bulk your voice commands with a single tap. Whether you want to delete particular items then the Amazon offering you to move Alexa app from your phone and go ahead with Settings–>History. From there you can find your voice stands, one by one, that you have recorded your voice to Amazon Echo, and once you tap on it will expand to allow deleting the voice recorded file. Tap Delete voice recording to make ends.

Whether you want to make complete delete, then you need to visit the Amazon product page. First, you select the your device–>Echo–>Manage voice recording and Delete to make sure. You’re done.

That’s it.

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