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Nintendo is a multinational consumer electronic company released a new Mario-themed game for iOS, Super Mario Run. The game app lets you offer you one-hand game shows that form to run across the platform, but the game app brings coin-based score rate, that works between with friends, and highly generated software application.

You can download Super Mario Run from the App Store, it’s free, but you can try a complete game show, for this you have to do in-app purchase which may cost you $9.99 that Nintendo hand over his Super Mario Run for your iPhone and iPad.

Once you have achieved the Super Mario Run, it provides you a three level of standard game which bring you to make a world tour through on this Mario game, and the goal exact to collect the coins as many as the perform from the game. When you unlock the game you face pink, purple, and black color coins.

When you purchase the product, the app unlocks more than six, each gives you a very three standard level and main level, includes more than 24 brand new levels. From there you can collect more coins and Rally tickets.

Toad Rally has been showing off a new Mario’s movement, that bring you to make complete against with your friends, and also it can challenge those people who ever live around the world. Every time you play the game show the app mode will be modifies of each every game. When you use Toad Rally and their coins are pulled out for their kingdom, and it will include a small game to run it. When it comes to a little sum level of games that required Rally tickets which brings you huge expansion of your kingdom. And the Kingdom will gather coins and Toad Rally for future Kingdom expansion.

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Source: Super Mario Run  Via: Macrumors

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