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When you have made the purchase against the product from the App Store or iTunes, there are similar reason that you with draw from the purchases. Whether you want to refund from the App Store for apps, game, songs, movie and more. There are few steps that you need to follow to make done. For this, you can try on your iOS device, using a browser, or iTunes. It’s a simple program, that you can revise the product through feedback. Apple gives a list of reasons why you want to return the product like this you have many on the refunding from the purchase.

It’s a simple to make refund, if you live in the EU location, then you will get refund with fourteen days of purchase, but if you live elsewhere, then it will take more two weeks from the purchase, and you will grant immediately with any reason. Here are the few steps to find the refund option.

IPhone or iPad:

* First, open your email app and search Apple invoice. If you know the purchase of the product, then visit to your email, or search each and everyone to make refunds.

* Inside the email, tap Report a Problem

* Log in to Apple website with Apple ID

* If you signed with two-step verification, Enter Apple ID code, or move to the next step

* From the drop-down menu–>Choose the problem and Submit.

Web Browser:

* Open reportaproblem.apple.com and log in with Apple ID

* Select the app or game to make refunds and tap Report a Problem

* Click the drop-down menu–>Choose the problem and Submit.

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