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Whether it’s personally or officially the email is most important in our part of life you and around the world. But the finishing has a lack of backstroke, you can find out plenty of messages in your inbox, they aren’t secured and it will quickly fill up with those spam, phishing, annoying ads and more. If you are a Gmail user, you can find stop this non-sense through blocking the email messages.

From Computer:

Go ahead Gmail Inbox and find out the email sender name that you want to block incoming emails.

Once you open the message, you can see on the top right corner of each email from there you can find the sender’s name and their address. Once you click drop-down menu.

From the menu, choose Block (Sender name).

Now, you can test the sender’s email will re-route automatically to the spam folder. If you want to unblock the feature the same way you have to go to unblock the email message.

From Your Mobile phone:

From smartphone the processing is the same thing, but the interface looks totally different. Open the email and find the sender that you want to block.

In the top right corner, the three vertical dots. Once you clicked the drop-down menu will open.

After that, select Block (Sender’s name). Now, you aren’t able to see those block messages.

That’s it.

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