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Need precaution to mute audio or video through from a tab in Chrome browser? If you say yes or no, we will go to see how to mute the audio or video sounds from a tab in Chrome. You will be interesting to listen to those sounds, but most of them they don’t prefer that auto-playing audio or video sounds on the web page.

Instead of the media placing something harder and making stereo sounds, then the better way you find to mute the tab, which makes silence of your tab where the audio or video playing on the web page. Any type of web page that restricts through this option.

Here is the few step that guide to make mute audio or video:

* To make mute the sounds, you can do with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

* All you have to do make right-click on the tab, which is play audio or video and select ”Mute Tab

* You have been opened many tabs on the Chrome, you don’t know the blasting sounds, for this, you can see the speaker icon that indicated on the tab in chrome.

If you are note interested in doing so, and you want to retain those mute tab, you have to approach the same way to make right-click to make ”Unmute tab” whether you want to listen to the audio or video repeat from the chrome tab.

Via: OS X Daily 

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