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Facebook rolled out a new security feature for his account holder. Starting now, that Facebook stepped into safe and secure using with USB security keys, which brings you double layer for your account against hackers.

If anyone of you unknown about USB security keys, first they have to plug in the USB dongle into computer’s USB port. When you get into Facebook account this feature brings plenty of options to get service and it makes a complete protection against intruders and programmer hackers that stops your strong password to secure the account.

This new USB security key feature gets support on Google Chrome and Opera and the rest are coming soon. If you go with through smartphone, the mobile version of Facebook gets into secure place with the support of NFC.

To activate the USB Security Key on Facebook account:

Note: You need to use Yubico FIDO U2F (UNIVERSAL 2ND FACTOR)

* Start with Google Chrome or Opera

* Log in to Facebook account

* Security Settings

* Log in Approvals and Edit

* Security Keys and Add Key

Once you have made the process, adding the security key, the key will be displayed in Security key section.

This Security Key doesn’t brings his support for mobile Facebook account, but at the same time if your phone has NFC- support for Android device with advance version of Chrome and Google Authenticator were installed, you can make connect with NFC working key to make a log in from the mobile site.

That’s it.

Via: Facebook

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