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vrBackupper is a free Windows tool that well prepared with Oculus Rift and moving the VR game formula to any hard drive, you can save a lot of problems from system crashing. It comes up a complete migration tool.

In the past, Oculus Rift has been stand up those installations on the system drive, when it comes to games and application that reach into the computer gallery at the same place, whether you decided to uninstall the program application will be disappear entirely from the computer.

AOMEI’s vrBackupper comes with 64-bit Windows 10, which can support, backup, restore or migration the tool of Oculus Rift directory or game installation.

When you perform with backup, it can find you automatically Oculus installation, and placing the location and you can set back everything. Restore is just looks direct phase all you have to do, just give Start–>Restore and you wait for the result.

vrBackupper can bring migration tool for Oculus Rift installation from drive to any computer, this move comes very handy if your system has no space, or you decide to switch old to a new PC.

Normally, you can backup or migrate Oculus Rift with simple backup support that you can reach the milestone, but if the Oculus has something special, then you may go through migrate from one PC to any device which can carry a huge amount of data to store on this. For this vrBackupper is the only solution and it can fit for you.

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