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After stopping the Internet Explorer upgrade, Microsoft Edge becomes adequate and this gets all enhanced through on Windows 10 updates. When you find the Edge settings on your browser it’s not a connectable. It has a lot of area that point far behind with those features. It will not attract when it comes to default browser. If you compare to other browser like Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, the Microsoft Edge comes mute. The site MakeUseOf editor Ben Stegner clear out that how to disable annoying notifications on Edge browser.

Here are the few steps that you need to find on your Edge browser. Whether you are decided to use various browsers, Edge still follows. It will not give option to work on another browser, so the area needs to clear once you disable the notification from the Edge.

* Load Microsoft Edge

* Settings

* System

* Notifications & Actions

* Under Notifications–>Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows

* Disable

Now, the Edge Notification will be terminated. This way you can perform to fix those issues. That’s all.

Via: MakeUseOf

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