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In the past, you have been using video app for iOS devices, but the Apple company brings a new app which is named ”TV app” and it brings new interface to control the movies and make download for iPhone and iPad. You don’t enough stress on to delete the video and movies from your phone, but the new app retains with less ingredients to delete the video from your iPhone and iPad. That’s the part to make delete from the TV app. The site OS X Daily pointed out clearly.
Here are the two types of method to delete the download movies and from the TV app. First, doing this performance you need to be updated with the current version.

* Open TV app for iPhone and iPad

* Tap any video or movie to remove from the TV app.

* Tap Download button

* Remove Download from your iPhone

* Repeat again to delete other videos

Delete Video through Settings:

* Open Settings–>General–>Storage & Usage

* TV app

* Edit and remove the movie from the TV app or make Swipe left

Now, you can test which option it comes handy from your iPhone and iPad

Via: OS X Daily 

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