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Whether you know or not, every time you surf web pages from the Google Chrome browser, your information will be stored, but there is an option that you can clean out those browsing experience it collects your data much time. Even also you can use incognito mode, which is specialized that know one know about your secrets and web page history, auto fill data must required in this format. When you keep all out of your function, there is a new step, that you can protect your whole data and privacy of chrome browser. All you have to do change the browser settings to enable with profile management, for this you don’t require to install extension.

If you decided to lock your chrome browser, then the new parental control feature brings to chrome browser. The site How-To Geek has delivered a complete step on how to activate it:

* Open Chrome browser


* Enabled from the drop down list which is available under New Profile Management system

* Scroll down at the bottom and Relaunch Now

* Once reopened, click the menu button on the top right corner of the browser window and Settings

* Click Add Person

* Add name–>Control and view the websites this person visits from your gmail address–>Add

* Ok, got it

* Now, you can check it out on the people list, which is ”Supervised”

* Once you click on the top Personal–>Exit and childlock to close the chrome and your profile comes with locked icon.

That’s it

Via: How-To Geek

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