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If you want to watch any video, you will move on to the YouTube channel. You can spend a lot of time, because there are so many content becomes educational purpose, Wildlife, Politics and more. For this you can prepare to watch a video with keyboard shortcuts which brings a time saving instrument. Even, you can watch plenty of video through on this trick.

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The site Hongkiat created a list of 30+ keyboard shortcuts which makes your YouTube more favorable and gets you a lot of experience with these shortcuts.

* K –> Make Pause or Play video

* M--> You can make your video mute or unmute the sound volume

* L –> You can forward your watching video in 10 seconds

* End key–> Running videos can skip to the end position

Do stay with full list of keyboard shortcuts. You can visit to Hongkiat site.

That’s all.

Via: Hongkiat

Image Credit: Andrew Perry / Flickr 

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