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Whether you want to protect your Windows Start Menu or set the same situation around the corner in Windows 10 system devices. If you want to bring any changes then you might go with backup to your Start Menu layout so you can keep restoring again those features. One more important thing all details regarding of Start Menu layout where it stored on database through TileDataLayer folder. The only main issue on this sometime, it may warn you, so you need to get some workaround for Start Menu layout in Windows.

The site Windows Central pointed out that you can save Start Menu layout from the crash. To make reset your Start menu layout, you need to use your system account, Local account, and Administrator account.

A New Local Account:

* Settings

* Accounts

* Family & other people

* Add someone else to this PC

* I don’t have this person’s sign-in information

* Add a user without a Microsoft account

* Enter Username and Password

* Next

After that you need to prepare well with built-in Administrator account.

* Windows Key + X

* Local Users and Groups.

* Users.

* Double-click Admistrator

* Account is disabled

* Apply

* Ok

To know more about the Start Menu layout visit the Windows Central official site below link has given to you.

Via: Windows Central

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