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Finding another way to run the Windows program, it can create you a difficult, but there is a answer to solve the issuance. When you use Chromebook this can give you a better result.

When you have a Chromebook, it has a simple and approachable program that brings Windows machine. But there was an drawback Google doesn’t support Windows program. For those you don’t find any emulator, you can use remote access between Chromebook and Windows. If you aren’t experienced with this application, right now the Windows PC gets remote connection and stay with Chromebook from the browser. Where you can do anything update application, and more. The site CNET explained on their site.

You can find many remote access programs that can make possible work, but choosing Chrome Remote Desktop is the app gives you a clean result with free and more effective.

* Install the Chrome Remote Desktop on Windows

* The main screen display you Remote Assistance and My Computers

* Get Started button

* Enable Remote Connections

* Once Chrome Remote Access downloaded, you need to set the installer manually.

* Select Security PIN to set the PC.

* Chromebooks need to sign in with your registered Google account on your desktop. The same process you need to be Chrome Remote Desktop. If you have done with the same Google account, then you can use sync to Launch the app–>Get Started–>Enter PIN and the save it. Click the check box to enter the PIN every time and Connect.

That’s it.


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