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A Two-dimensional code or matrix barcode you find out more and printed out on many products. The name was called QR Code. But the iPhone doesn’t carry to scan any QR codes as the default program. If your iPhone using Google Chrome, then you can find the recent version of chrome app which is available on the App store for your iPhone. If you want to scan QR code, then update your chrome app.

You can find the easiest way to scan QR codes from chrome in your iOS, but there is another way using spotlight feature and touch program works. The site OS X Daily find out the solution.

* Install Chrome app or Update the Chrome app

* Home Screen from iPhone, pull down to access spotlight search

* Type QR and tap on Scan QR Code available under Chrome section

* Start using Scan the QR code with Chrome, when you placing QR code on the app section

We can find most of QR code available on the websites, the chrome handle this features with sensitive. Even, the chrome browser works fantastic to scan the QR codes. You can also use 3D Touch from chrome app.

That’s it.

Via: OS X Daily

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