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Your life is getting slowly improves, when usually get connected with others on your Facebook. And the recent behave that Facebook follows from Snapchat. Here are the few differences that you can catch up from Stories and some additional works.

In the past and current, you have served many things from Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp about the stories, and your stories can be removed after 24 hours or one day. The same foot step taken by Facebook. It’s a new and completely redesigned with other app stories and few more has been given importance.

Probably, the Facebook has two types of successive stories, you can scroll upward to view the feed of friends stories and generate your new one, or use finger to swipe from the right side of the screen. Actually, stories can’t allow to make like, but it can allow you to make comments on your stories. When you like to share stories, the Facebook app follows some top social app like Snapchat and a few more. Press the round button at the bottom of the camera app to shoot pictures or video using front or rear camera.

When you match Facebook and Instagram for the filters, it brings totally different. The big difference when you use filters on Instagram after photo and video you need to apply, but using Facebook you can apply filters before snapping the photo or recording the video. Like this if you use swipe on Facebook, it will allow up and down to change the filters. If it’s your choice not available on the swipe, you can click the magic button to get more filters. When you use Facebook built-in camera, you can shoot a maximum time of 20 minutes one the round button meets the finishing point your video capturing ends. If you see Snapchat, and Instagram 15 seconds and 10 seconds are the maximum recording time.

Finalizing the stories, click the down arrow and save to the camera roll, or use the middle arrow to share. Even you can share with friends, timeline or keep your story. If you choose your story to the timeline you can choose to whom you want to share Public, friends, Private and more. Your posting stories will be live upto 24 hours after that it will be hide out from the feeds.

Furthermore, Facebook introduces Direct stories, which make you immense if your friends share their stories, you can play twice before it can disappear from your timeline. And also you can check whoever viewed your story and you can delete your photo or video of your story by click three dots upper right corner.

That’s it.

Source: Facebook for Android, iOS Via: CNET

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