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If you have any trouble to use emoji on your macOS? While using emoticons or emoji are going to express your thoughts from iPhone or other smartphone devices. A few taps that you can access the emoji and ready to share on to them. But when it comes to Mac, Here is the few step that you can bring out easily to use emoji on your macOS.

* Set the position the cursor next to text field, and insert the emoji same like posting to anyone on social media.

* Press Command+Control keys and Space bar to load the characters.

* Click Emoji available on the sidebar of the left side on the Character window.

Note: When you want to access particular emoji, there are plenty of categories, Travel & Location, Expression, Drink, Natural and more.

* Double-click your selected emoji and that will be landed where the cursor stands out.

* Once you were done, click red color close window button available on the top corner to make hidden the characters.

Whether your selection makes so difficult, you can click the gear icon available on the upper left corner to make bigger on the field. Otherwise, you can enter a few character code to find the emoji very faster.

That’s it.

Via: iMore

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