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I have no idea about that adding Skype call links to anyone. But many of them, they do with their favorite tools. The company Microsoft brings Skype Chrome extension includes an update to Skype call links inside the Gmail, Outlook, and Microblog Twitter set up.

Image Credit: Skype

Image Credit: Skype

The newest update from the Skype extension help you to share call links or load Skype on the site. Now, this feature extends more favorite tools like email, calendar and Twitter account.

Right now, the update offering Gmail, Outlook and Twitter account. When you work with email, it gives a nice functionality, but at the same time using the calendar on Outlook.com that come very interesting. If anyone is offering you through calendar you can make faster to join into Skype from your favorite users.

Lets start through download the Skype from the Chrome Web store, and include the Skype call links both on email and Outlook.com and Calendar.

* Open Outlook.com

* Click New

* Click Add Skype Video Call button

* Outlook.com send you an invitation to join with Skype calls.

Google Calendar:

* Open Google Calendar

* Click Create to run new event

* Under Event tab

* Click Add Skype video call link

* Wait for seconds the Skype video link ready to chat. This feature depends on Microsoft Live.com and Skype.com URL. If you are connected with third-party tool, then you need to allow cookies to run the application. For this you need to make some change on to the chrome to get work. Finally, Twitter allows Skype call link setup for an open meeting to make tweet along with join Skype.com.

That’s it.

Source: Skype for Chrome Via: Skype Blog, PC World

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