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The rating about the desktop is very nice, but the feature little bit unchanged. Now, the right time comes to end those changes on your desktop background it can move along with the video.

You can bring plenty of support for this option, but each of them has some different kind of options. You can try those work for this features.

Before you start to move your desktop to the video, you need to finalize which video has to use to move a video clip. You have a variety of video which brings you a various kind of functions. Select any video that needs to perfectly to fit on the video. Even while you choosing the video better you can choose short video clip. The site MakeUseOf pointed out.

Here is the 3 options that you can take to set the desktop background for your video.

* With PUSH Video Wallpaper, you can get the best result of video wallpaper, this service isn’t a free, you need to pay $10 before you want to buy the product you can make a trial version.

To achieve this video wallpaper, you need to download the program and run .EXE file and load the app. Once you have done, the desktop background automatically transforms the application to run the video clip as a loop connection. To know more click the link.

* The second one, you can try with VLC player, this application will support for desktop players, and you can get from videolan.org, this tool will bring support all operating systems, it means this can work with Windows, Mac, Linux and more.

* Above to tools doesn’t bring you requirement, then you can move on to YouTube to get a desktop wallpaper support, this makes you a loop connectivity to set a full Window screen.

These are a function that makes you set the video as a desktop wallpaper. That’s it.

Via: MakeUseOf

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