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If you need to clear plenty of programs and save a disk space? First, you have to stop Windows hibernate.

First of all, you have to know about Hibernate, it’s a function that stands on your computer instead of shutting down or sleep mode. When you set hibernates, the program takes a few snapshot of your system device files and disk drivers and save the files on your Windows hard drive that’s a charisma before you do shutdown the computer. When you stand with Hibernate you no need to wait for opening the system, it gets faster to run your Windows and their settings.

Here are the few steps to disable or enable the hibernate in Windows 10:

* Right click on Start menu

* Command Prompt (Amin)

* Once you prompted User Account Control, the program bring changes on your computer

* Click Yes

* In Command Prompt Window section, type below content

powercfg.exe /hibernate off

* Use Enter Key

* Exit the Command Prompt Window

If you want to enable again Hibernate on your Windows 10, you have to do the same process which you disable the Hibernate. Open Command Prompt–>powercfg.exe/hibernate on–>Enter key.

That’s it.

Via: TechRepublic

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