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Outlook will prepare a rules to manage every emails, whether you want to send or receive. Microsoft Outlook has a great option with multiple features that works at the same time in email. The email product introduces a Quick Steps, it has a repetitive function like moving emails one to another place, copy, Reply & Delete, and more. When you use Quick Steps you can join with moving all emails in a single folder. This feature works out of inbox and their own specific folder. To set a side, you need to boost Quick Steps. Here are the steps that you can make faster. The site Addictivetips detailed.

As a default that Outlook finds through the date: Today, Yesterday and Lask week. It comes very easy that you can move the email on the particular date. So you can move all email in one particular folder. Let’s check out with the steps.

* Open Outlook

* Home Tab

* Create New in Quick Steps

* New Quick Step

* Name a Quick Step (Mandatory)

* Next load Dropdown menu–>Move to folder from the list

* Outlook request you pick the folder or New

* Generate a new folder with ”Today” and Under optional section

* Set the Shortcut and Click ”Finish” button.

Once you set up, quickly return to Outlook and Check it with ‘Today’ section. To your identification the light blue color visible. Once you choose ‘Today’ that will collapse, you can see all emails on this ‘Today’ were listed.To know the details you just click Quick Steps or use Shortcut keyboard the final result has been shown. If you receive all email from today that will be moved into created folder in Quick Steps.

That’s it.

Via: Addictivetips

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