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In social app, you hear about Read receipts which brings you advance and most useful and also the annoyance of many users account.

Ok, if someone sends you message, you don’t want to reply now, but the same time your user worried about that your status shows online with someone. For this, you can turn off the Read receipts or set ”Last seen” status. If you have done this mark, you aren’t able to see other activities anymore. The site MakeUseOf writer Rohan Naravane pointed out that how to turn off the Read receipts. Here is the feature step you can follow on your account.

If you are using WhatsApp messaging app, the app has a three different levels of message delivery reports available. In your message conversation, the single tick tells you the message was sent successfully to the recipient. And if display double ticks it means the message delivered to the recipient WhatsApp account, and finally, if your right mark ticked with blue colored the person read your sent message.

To turn off the Read receipts, the feature steps may differ between the operating system. For Android mobile users:

* Click three dot menu

* Settings

* Account

* Privacy

On iOS mobile device:

* Settings for iPhone at the bottom of the right corner

In Privacy, you can amend the feature who sees your ”last seen” on the status. Doing this way Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody. On the same page, you can make switch off directly removing the right mark next to Read receipts. If you turn off read receipts, you can’t able to see read receipts from other user. Read receipt works always on the group chats. To know more about this below link may help you a lot.

Source: WhatsApp Via: MakeUseOf

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