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It can dazzle you, when your phone becomes edgeless screen and left some awesome features. We can talk about the Samsung Galaxy S8, the phone featured with button to support Bixby. But the feature will turn out with few swaps through Google Assistant.

The YouTube channel’s Dylan Bertwell find out the secret with S8 device to remap the Bixby button and it works through Google Assistant.

To perform and get successful results, you need to download the third-party application. The name was called All in one Gestures app from the play store.

To know detail about this functionality, the software developer community site XDA-Developers wrote a clean article about the requirement of physical buttons.

Once you have done the installation, you will find the permission to modify from the settings. By doing this you can swap the Bixby button for your Google Assistant, and it works more features.

To work with this, load the app and move to the Hard Keys and connect All in one Gestures service. And you do Tap on the Custom Keys to add new custom button and choose Bixby. It will load the menu box, and choose Action you want to run the button. And you pick the Assistant and you get a final result. That’s it.

To know more details, all you have to head over to the Official site of XDA-Developers. Below link may help you a lot.

Source: XDA-Developers Via: TNW

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