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The sharing Bulk amount of photos or daily activities with your friends and relatives can be a burdensome to function. Otherwise, if you belong to iOS and Mac, it can be simple. Even Windows users find their way.

First, you need to turn on iCloud sharing.

* Settings

* iCloud

* Photos location at the bottom screen

* Toggle iCloud Photo sharing on

If you are using a Mac, all you have to do System–>Preferences–>iCloud–>Options after photos, and verify the iCloud photo sharing. If you are using Windows, then you need drop iCloud application to turn on the settings as well.

Next, create a shared photo album, load the Photo app–>Shared tab. Tap (+) button–>A new dialog box –>Enter name of album. After that invite the contact to the album. For this use iMessage or emails to into albums, once you have done, next tap on the Create button. On the shared album you can add more than 100 contact numbers as well.

Once you have created add contacts. If you want to invite more people, you can delete the previous one from the shared album, and set the album public on your iCloud account. To stay with more details, clicking below link find you more room.

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