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At the end of march 2017, Facebook introduces a new two features on Messenger app, it works on the chat conversation place. Now, the app receiving more update features for single and group of users.

When you use Message Reactions, it works for a private message with a particular emoticon, fast displaying appreciation or reveal you simple way. To use this feature, all you have to do add the reaction to press and hold on any message, and tap to choose the list of emoticons.

You can check out on your Messenger, how the user reacts on the bottom of the left-hand side. From there you can see the reactions and the numbers the people were reacting to the message. Tap the emojis which conversation was reacted. Anyone who reacts your message that you sent, you can able to see the animation on your conversation. If you aren’t open the Messager then the notification receives the reaction how they reacted to your message.

With Messenger Reaction, you can one and one chat message and also group chat messages that can easily comment on any message like videos, GIFs, stickers and more.

Another one from Facebook Messenger, Mentions, it has been used on Facebook’s WhatsApp, Mentions will keep displaying every single user in the group chat when you are using @ symbol. Start with few letters the name or pet name will display you of the person that you want to send notification through from your group.

When you select the person, instead of someone replying through conversation, whether he or she will collect a new way of notification to know them. You can straight away jump into the chat message to reply the question.

Everyone can get notification as it is, but the matter of confirmed user stands in the group chat will get a notification that they have to mark. Even you can turn off the notifications any situation.

Source: Messenger for iOS, Android  Via: Facebook Newsroom

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