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Normally, when you use Mac computer, the feature multiple monitors are more useful things, if you are the one using multiple tasks on daily basis. But sometimes if you are using multiple screens it can be more disturbances alternatively.

Any Mac users who didn’t like the feature and you need to stop the multiple tasks on the monitor setup, then you need to drive through the download and install the application Screen Commander.

The application available on the Mac App Store, the name Screen Commander will serve that blank your additional monitor screen with a single click. The app icon was location on the device ”Menu” bar and select the screen that you want to make a blank out. Once you have done, the result shows a blank screen. Even you can bring those feature to return to the previous section.

You can raise the question why we need to use a third-party application, instead of using a manual function to stop monitors.

When you use Screen Commander, it will do only blank your monitor screen, not to perform shut down the system device. That’s it.

Source: Screen Commander for Mac Via: Hongkiat

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