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You want to disable notification in Windows 10 Action Center? it comes very simple to do that, when you open your Windows 10, get into the Settings app. If you have made the process, you can’t able to see the notifications from Action Center. This can be a useful process when you want to put silent the notification temporarily or keep long time to skip those notifications.

Here are the few steps that how to break the notifications:

When you perform, the function it comes very simple. Load the Settings App for Windows 10 through on the Start Menu or use the Search box which is your chance. After, you click the System menu in the Settings app.

Next, move into System Menu, you can find on the left side bar, choose Notifications & Actions featured on the list. Now, you can see all kinds of option which is represented under Notification & actions. Find Notifications–> Get Notifications from apps and other senders. From this you can easily turn off the default settings.

That’s all. You can’t see those notifications in Action Center in Windows 10. After you turn off the notification, you can view those previous actions if you haven’t cleared them. But at the same time the notifications become invisible.

Via: Ilovefreesoftware

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