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There are plenty of things that you can make cover in Google Photos, along with this newest Assistant feature comes to support.

If you want to survive of your photo backups, check it out your creation from your Google Photos, it has been well designed for you, or set the fire to make more free space for your device. When you use Assistant, you just use tap, swipe, or click the photo gallery, and it will connect with on going to Google Photos.

It will remind you all the time what’s going on your photos, and this feature comes smoother. Here you can find the usage.

Set Assistant Notifications:

* Open Google Photos

* Tap plus icon at the bottom of the screen to view Assistant. From there you can find the cards with new form, and a few notifications.

Enable Google Photos Notifications:

* Load Google Photos

* Tap Overflow button on the top left hand side, the button looks like three horizontal lines.

* Tap Cog wheel icon to get into the settings

* Scroll down and tap toggle to make turn off or on notifications

Disabled Assistant Cards:

* Google Photos app

* Tap Three horizontal lines on the top left hand side

* Tap Cog Wheel icon

* Tap Assistant cards

* Tap toggle and disable the Assistant cards, no more see in the future.

Above are the feature settings, without Assistant you can’t understand on Google Photos.

That’s it.

Source: Google Photos Via: Android Central

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