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The Omni Group released a new version 5 to support Mac device. The update gets a huge amount of features for Outliner app since ever.

Actually, the company refers that OmniOutliner brings two type of editions like Pro and Essentials. The Pro edition brings multiple columns, file attachments, focus, automation, and more. But this new version 5 adds more with filtering, word count, custom keyboard shortcuts, and more. The OmniOutliner keeps the price tag separate both two edition of version for Essential $10 and Pro $60 as well.

The OmniOutliner Pro gets advance enhancement with outline filters, personal documents with secure password protection, handling shortcut keyboard, and themes. Even, the Pro edition gets statistics of your documents and full-screen setup.

Definitely, the OmniOutliner gets a lot of consignment with new version 5 and their facilities. It will make more interest to buy the product with the new edition.

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Source: OminOutliner for Mac   Via: Macstories

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