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When it comes to video and graphics the process it takes a digital form nowadays. But many of app developer doing non-stop improvement in the app strength which brought you a most aspect for you. If your phone has iOS support then these can display a new kind of episodes and the options that can prepare video and graphics for your mobile and reachable.


Apple’s new product Clips offering a complete video and editing tool that provide for social users and the same time it will fill the gap with advance feature, it’s similar to iMovie function.

When you start this application you need to understand a little bit, once you have been intruded, it can may go support you to create a video faster and simple. You can share the any emotional video to friends and family members to watch the app brings more polished. You can get this application free from the App Store.


With Booxie, you can find plenty of things that you can energize. It can be a social media, photo book, print the photo and e-commerce products.

Once you install the app from the App Store, you can use image and video to add the text and graphics formulas. The app allows you once you get completed, you can send to anyone through online network for public, and it also keeps in private.

When you open through online, you can watch every single page that effect like a book. Even, you can buy the product through print with Booxie with high quality frame to share friends and family.


When you recording video this Velapp brings you some outstanding feature with Apple’s 3D Touch that overtake for your video recording.

You can start video recording with this application, you can bring them into trim and make them preview show, and the work happens on the same consumption and simply. Taking the video recording you can press the display screen particular action. And you will get a clean video footage with higher rating.

The recorded video can be watched on the next section, where you can view, edit and send to anyone. This app automatically can correct your every scene with the hard press on the screen and you will get clear video footage with ratings. The iOS department using 3D Touch for a system shortcuts, the feature brings to Velapp in this application technology gets more exciting. This Velapp available on the App Store and the app includes in-app purchase.

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