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Google developed Android, but the operating system doesn’t have enough settled for reverse search engine. When it comes to Chrome on the web, the similarity of searching images, it can find on another application, but the phone function doesn’t hold to find images on the applications, or you already downloaded photos on your device.

It could be a simple, if you like to search pictures those similar things to save for future or you want to get higher resolution to apply on your phone background. This application can be help full to your device.

All you have to do install the application from the play store, the app called Image Search app for Android. Open the app and you need to bring about some changes to the app, disable the ”Open settings before upload” when you prepared to do reverse image search. On the same track scroll down and find ”Custom search engines” and tap (+) button you can add new searching provider instead of Google, but this option doesn’t come first most of the users.

Once you start to upload images and you have done through shared menu, select the Image Search through from your Android and wait for few second the picture will be uploaded. Continuing the image will take to Google image search result page with uploaded picture, where you can the similarity of the image result with high resolution pictures. When you tap ”More Sizes” after that scroll down and view the same images.

That’s it.

Source: Image Search Via: Wonderhowto

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