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The demands are high, when you try to access Twitter. Many of countries the internet connection gets slow pace, you can’t gear up faster, even you are going to use Twitter. Right now, the microblogging Twitter released a new Lite app, which you can apply any smartphone to run the Twitter account. It keeps faster and save you a lot of data from flowing out.

Enter mobile.twitter.com, Twitter Lite brings light settings when you deal with mobile applications. The new application has only provided to view the tweets and upload the media content from your tweets. If you look more the Twitter Lite missed out. May be in future your expectation can fill out.

If you are using mobile data, the app can save and reduce the data through on settings, tap the profile image and turn on Data Saver in app settings, and it can lead you a minimum level of pixel images by this way. This Lite app can allow you to put shortcuts on your Android home screen and connect push notifications, how your mobile reacts.

The Twitter company pointed out about releasing with 1MB direction, which runs through JavaScript connected with the Node.js server and loads faster Twitter API design.

To access the Twitter Lite app, and you want to save a data, do with connecting and you will get an experience.

Source: Twitter Blog Via: TNW

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