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If you download and installed Windows Privacy Tweaker, it can fix your all task and managing feature on Windows and their privacy settings.

Dissimilar from many related programs, this feature doesn’t let you go on Windows 10. You have to find and check out from the settings anything available on the Windows.

When you load this program onto your Windows, it can create a system restore point. Once you get to accept you can make it any changes in the future. If you are ready to go with Windows Privacy Tweaker, it can facilitate with few categories Services, Scheduler, and Registry. Which control your whole Windows settings and their apps.

To know settings whether enabled or not, for this you can identify with red color, which means the program are critical. Disabled Windows settings are shown with a green color button. It may identify with colors that help you whether to disable or not. When you make ”Check all” and ”Uncheck all” the program button means you choose to disable or enable all the settings at once.

If you preferred to disable all the program, it may risk your Windows, before doing this function, you may go through restore point after that you can easily recover those lost things. It can get a simple to enable every situation. For instance, if your computer running out of conditions you can restore the previous settings to run smoothly.

Set all the program, and the privacy tools have big settings, Windows Privacy Tweaker includes plenty of settings, restore points and more.

That’s it.

Source: Windows Privacy Tweaker Via: Betanews

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