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It comes very simple you to read every email from Gmail, all items goes to on the way, but taking reply those emails it makes you a less effort. Google introduces a new feature which is called ‘Smart Reply’ this option available on Gmail and Allo, this could save you a time through suggesting to reply your messages. This Smart Reply now moving into Android and iOS devices as well.

Google says, that Smart Reply available in English on both iPhone and Android phone users and also Spanish users will receive next update.

To enable or disable the Smart Reply:

* Load Gmail app and Sign in

* Tap the hamburger icon on the top-left hand side corner

* Settings

* Tap on your registered Email address

* Search the ‘Smart Reply’ and slider to On or Off

That’s it. Smart Reply will respond in three different ways to receive email. Once you have chosen, you can send or edit those feedbacks with Smart Reply content or Disable on it.

This feature is a machine learning feature that gives a better result to use more.

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