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In the past, you have been managing some easy method on your Gmail account, but the day gets a lot of updates to your email account. When it comes to your inbox. So you have prepared to delete those easy way that happened to you in the past.

Without your permission, there are plenty of newsletters has been occupied into your email account. For this Unroll.me will sort out the problem. Once you get connected into your Gmail, it can unsubscribe or roll me the unwanted emails in one single pack.

If you want to know how to unsubscribe the Unroll.me from Gmail:

To perform you can choose a two option which break completely the action. Go ahead to unroll.me from browser and makes login. Next, Username on the top right corner and Settings. And move at the bottom of the page find Delete my account. Finally, set the reason why you are going to delete the unroll.me and Click the Delete.

Second one, you can use your iOS supported mobile phone. Hit the settings icon available on the top left hand side to delete the account. Click Preferences–>Delete Account –>Delete my account and Yes.

To avert Unroll.me, enter account.google.com and confirm you need to get signed in. After that click Manage apps–>Unroll.me–>Expand–>Remove–>Ok.

That’s it.


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