No doubt, this app rating on the top in the App Store. Fidget Spinner isn’t a new to all iPhones and iPad users, this game indicates our social behavior at the moment, so it comes normal to play in iOS game which is called Finger Spinner is now set on the top place.

In this app, you can find fidget spinner on the app screen, and you need to use swipe to spin on it. Through on this you will receive a few amount swipes, and you can realize the moment will reduce. If you get more spins you will get coins, and this going to help for your future upgrade to spin non-stop, or set maximum speed. At this time, you can open a new fidget spinner with unsatisfied sounds.

This game app gets three important upgrades, the ads give more coins. While you spin the fidget spinner, watch out the ads. If the ads are disturbing your swipes, then you can find in-app purchase to switch off, through on this you hide the bottom of ads. While doing every single spin you will receive a reward screen, from there you can collect more coins and share into the social media like Facebook and more.

Take a look this funny fidget spinner on your iPhone.

That’s it.

Source: Finger Spinner Via: The Verge

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