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Your iPhone plays Podcasts, then you can adjust the playback speed, doing a podcast to play speed up and down. You can ask a question yourself why you need the adjustment of podcast speed, you may pin several reasons, faster to listen to the songs and it skips unwanted playback or skipping to play the favorite one to listen to podcasts within a minute by doing speed increase.

When you go through adjustment of podcast speed on iPhone, it comes much easier on any situation, here you can know how it happens on your iPhone. The site OS X Daily detailed.

* Load Podcasts app on your iPhone

* Choose any type of podcast

* The default 1x button come near standard playback buttons and tap to adjust the playback speed. Below items are the speed options.

1x – default speed

1.5x – more comfortable speed to listen to the podcast and everything

2x – Too faster and the podcast sounds and tone will change. When you set this speed, you can move faster to your interesting part of the podcast.

.5x – reduce the playback speed medium or slower will be done. And this one improve the speaker to make a faster speech or understand what they are saying.

You can bring faster adjustment on the playback speed at any situation by using tapping on a 1x button. Doing this formula you can listen to your interesting podcast with few taps.

That’s it.

Via: OS X Days

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