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No issue, you can watch video in high definition from your computer PC, even it can support any type of video format.

The choice is yours, when it comes VR (Virtual Reality) video players, the service brings any kind of videos that you have downloaded from the web. Skybox‘s own Airscreen make feature to stream video from your computer PC through VR headset.

Basically, Skybox is a VR to stream a video. It means the application play videos that you have downloaded on your mobile phone, or PC. If you want to play VR videos, try on your Gear VR, without your phone, stream the videos straightaway from your phone. Skybox VR brings support some top VR headsets, you can use the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream View, and more cardboard. If you choose desktop support that Windows has the ability, but any of you has a Mac, then it’s currently out of order. The program gets a plenty of support, 2D, 3D, 180 degree and 360 degree.

Skybox has still alpha mode. It means some of the feature doesn’t completing. But the program getting updates.

First, you download Skybox to your phone, and you can watch a video that you have stored. When you use Airscreen, you can stream the video from Wi-Fi, on both phone and PC with the same network.

To run the Airscreen, you need to download SKybox PC. Before you start you have to connect the VR headset on both sides, and your PC wanted to stand on the same router. From your PC, you can open the video or use drag and drop the VR video to move all into Skybox library. After that enter into an Airscreen page from Skybox, whether your PC or mobile phone. While you can start with a Click or tap to find the device to make connection to phone to PC to play streaming video. Now, you can enjoy the video.

To watch streaming video on VR media player, there are plenty of applications that you can start your daily progress.

Source: Skybox VR  Via: Android Central 

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