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There is no shortage of apps on a play store to learn a new language and finding own it’s not easy to pick the best one. You want to be a well verse those subject to improve vocabulary, get practice between community, grammar, and overall performance above. Whatever, it’s you have a choice to pick those apps which gives you an idea of Android and iOS devices. Below you can check out our favorite apps, so you can learn other languages wider.


Everyone has their own aspect to choose different ways to learn languages, if you are looking that kind of app like a Q & A program to learn, try HitNative app. This application will prepare questions and wait for an answer from the native speaker.

The app home tab you can find all questions who ask from the other side, and they also can see the question. Once your opponent answers your question it will be listed on your notification tab.

If you are willing to ask question tap ”Ask” button and select the question. You can set the question which makes faster to communicate with native speakers.


Duolingo is a very popular language application around the corner – the app brings to all, free of service, modernized, and it gives a simple assessment.

The app splits the languages into various titles, and it keeps explaining through text and voice, but at the same time if the audio output not clear you can reduce those things. When the app answering the design encloses with full of function, you will be answered in different format, use audio and set multiple choice of answers.

With Duolingo you can learn randomized information, offering words reiteration. This app has been restricted for Offline learning languages. If you want to go with full strength, then use wireless or mobile data connection.


With Tandem, you can easily connect your native speaker, in various part like to speak, video chat, or make the text. This app offers others comments what they have opinion.

You can bring the filter against the community who doesn’t want to see your profile, and set the age or gender identity. This application allows you to include a variety of images to profile and allow you to deal with different topics.

When you open the app, at the bottom you can find three tabs, which is community, tutors, and chats.

If you have any best application in your mind to learn other languages, then don’t forget to make comments. Which is available below.

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